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Neve Zedek

There is no coincidence regarding Einat and Tamar's decision to open their studio within the special atmosphere of Neve Zedek. Back in the 90's, it was still a calm and quiet environment, ideal for young designers, which suited them perfectly. Today it is a MUST stop for any visitor arriving to the city of Tel Aviv: it has become a living cultural center, one that features remarkable design and art shops, as well as a handful of significant historical locations.

The ancient neighborhood was established in 1887, and is known for being the first Jewish neighborhood outside the walls of Jaffa. As years passed by, a lot of the traditional houses were renovated in light of the local architecture, mixing old and new together. The small neighborhood contains the "Suzan Dallal Center" for contemporary dance, alongside museums and galleries dedicated to Israeli artists and writers. Good restaurants, coffee shops and the finest view to the beach of Tel Aviv are all included.

The poetic spirit of Neve Zedek is not something you can fully experience through words: you have to feel it for yourself. It seamlessly connects old and new, ancient and modern into a gentle composition called "Home".

Neve Zedek is one of the most meaningful strings in Agas & Tamar's journey, and as such, it tells its story to those who wish to listen.

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