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The Designers

Einat Agassi &

Tamar Harel Klein

Einat Agassi and Tamar Harel-Klein met in a small goldsmith studio in Jaffa, as two young students. The year was 1997, and the friendly bond has quickly evolved into a creative-professional relationship; they found out that they both share a similar interest for unusual mixes and connections. They discovered that the two of them are inspired by the raw feel of different materials, and had a mutual dream to sculpt in gold, gemstones and unique elements – or in one sentence: to create fine jewelry together. After twenty years of friendship, we can state without a doubt: it was a perfect match.

Living and creating in Tel Aviv, Einat and Tamar arrive every day to the workshop. Along with a small crew of goldsmiths, they produce each piece by hand. Together they fly worldwide in their inspirational journeys. Together they collect new ideas from their daily experiences. Together they manage the studio, work on sketches until the late hours of the night, come up with a new look for the display window, and grab lunch at Neve Zedek neighborhood. Just like the motifs of folds and links in Agas & Tamar jewelry, it all sums up to this irregular connection; a knot you can't untie.

Our world

Be it a shining Ruby next to a rusty iron nail or a smashed piece of paper next to a 22K gold plate; Agas & Tamar's creative territory is full of surprises. Each material has its own unique voice, and they are all combined together by the inventive vision of the designers. Out of true honor to the raw nature of materials, Einat and Tamar explore the lack of completeness, phrase their private vocabulary of shapes & colors and establish their perspective on contemporary jewelry-making.

The intimate store at Neve Zedek features the ongoing values of the brand: each new piece joins the wide anthology of Agas & Tamar, displaying its roots. Simply put, it demonstrates the essence of Agas and Tamar: an unlimited playground, activated with love.

The Brand

Launched in 1998, the brand has marked some magnificent milestones; the stylish store in Tel Aviv offers a grand variety of pieces crafted through twenty years of jewelry design. Those pieces are presented to our local audience, as well as new and returning costumers from around the globe. The jewelry is available for purchasing at some of the most notable arenas for art and design around the world, such as the MAD museum in NY, and featured in magazines like VOGUE, Cosmopolitan and People. Throughout the years, we have participated in several diverse collaborations: ranging from providing the jewelry section for "Sex and the city: the movie, volume 2", to designing and producing a special collection for Donna Karan's store at NY, as well as many other local projects.

Our newest collection "A moment In Time" was revealed to the world on the summer of 2023, as the designers are currently invested in the next statement of Agas & Tamar, soon to come.

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